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Santenay Sous le Roche Blanc Bachey-Legros

Fantastic oak maturation, delicately rich and well balanced.

The Domaine Bachey-Legros is an old family run estate centered in the picturesque village of Santaney-le-Haut, which started out as grape growers in the 19th Century under François Bachey. 6th generation Christiane and her two sons Samuel and Lénaïc have run the Domaine since 1993. They produce wine on a small scale, around 7,000 cases a year.

A full-bodied white Burgundy, fine, delicately rich, with natural well-balanced freshness.  It has a creamy texture resulting from its fantastically judged oak maturation.  The finish is elegant with good acidity.


Santenay Sous le Roche Blanc Bachey-Legros

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