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Mackmyra Björksav Swedish Single Malt Whisky

A smooth Whisky with a nod to the flowers and fruits of spring

Mackmyra Björksav (birch sap) is a Swedish single malt whisky inspired by the long-awaited return of spring after the long, dark days of Swedish winter.

By including casks that were seasoned with Swedish birch sap wine in collaboration with winemaker Grythyttan, they have created a floral whisky with a fresh spiciness and sweet notes of vanilla fudge.

The nose is floral and fruity with a light spiciness, vanilla fudge, sandalwood, cedar and toasted bread. Floral and slightly waxy notes of birch sap wine. Round and fruity notes of cherry, raisins, apple, pear and lemon.

A palate of light minerals and herbs paired with vanilla fudge, raisins, apple, ripe pears and lemon. Light spices of vanilla, toasted oak, floral honey, sandalwood, cedar, anise, white pepper and ginger. Round, soft oak and vanilla spices combine with a slightly oily texture.

About Mackmyra

The distillery is home to some of the purest water in the world of spirits, filtered to near perfection since the Ice Age. Located next to this incredible water source, the Mackmyra distillery also prides itself in using primarily new Swedish oak barrels.

They bring an incredible passion and understanding of classic whisky production techniques to the table whilst operating one of the most exciting modern distilleries in the world. The Mackmyra distillers use 100% Swedish ingredients without additives while continuing the pursuit of low environmental impact.


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Mackmyra Björksav Swedish Single Malt Whisky

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