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Chateau Musar White 2016

A fantastic iconic wine from a world renowned producer

This was the year of the heatwave in Lebanon which lasted for 23 days as from the 10th July. The Chateau White 2010 was a very small vintage despite the fact that the indigenous white varieties, Obaideh and Merwah were less affected by the intense heat as the microclimate of the Lebanese mountains resisted the heat far better than the Bekaa Valley floor.

Cepage: Obaideh 60% Merwah 40%

The 2010 vintage was fermented and aged partly in new oak barrels for 9 months and partly in stainless steel vats with temperatures ranging between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. Normally Obaideh reaches higher alcohol than the Merwah but they balance each other in the blend – this year however, both reached lower alcohol levels (Merwah 11.5%) and when it has lower alcohol, it tends to dominate the Obaideh, so although it is only 40% of the blend, it is more obvious.

It is bright lemon in colour with pears, thyme, pine resin and lemongrass on the nose. The palate has an oily character but with zingy lemon acidity on the finish. There are herbs, pine and citrus flavours – a distinctive white vintage with excellent ageing potential.


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Chateau Musar White 2016

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